Choose the Right Disaster Recovery Solution for Your Business

Choose the Right Disaster Recovery Solution for Your Business

A right Disaster Recovery (DR) solution enables the safety backup plan and ensures the continuity of any enterprise. Therefore, choose the most exceptional Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution for your business by partnering with DR management professionals and third-party tech. With this approach, you can systematically meet all your critical business objectives and lower the overall employee time and cost of resources.

However, picking a DRaaS provider is hard for IT professionals, as there are multiple options. Therefore, while choosing the right one, consider what questions to ask, as well as the actions to ensure that you are making the right decision. For instance, while selecting the right DR plan for your company, IT managers should:

  • Choose the DR solution that can be applied to a wide array of existing infrastructure without making any changes, such as its location or type.
  • Rank several providers based on automation and orchestration to access the application back up and run quickly in the order of priority.
  • Opt continuous data protection, such that one can lessen the amount of data loss in the event of any disaster. An ideal way is the real-time replication of the data as it changes.

In short, enterprises must evaluate several aspects while gauging DRaaS providers. We have listed such tips below that helps you find the right DRaaS for your company.

Right Cloud Provider

Firstly, identify the right cloud provider for your business, as it is equally essential for further steps. There are certain managed service providers (MSP) who restrict you to a single cloud service, basically AWS or Azure. This isn’t the right way to go with the DRaaS solution since it won’t necessarily be the customer’s optimal choice.

It would be best to choose a cloud provider and the MSP that works well with your divergent priorities for different requests. For instance, your Oracle financial database will have a top priority compared to your legacy ERP. Opting a single support plan for a set of SLAs will not work for any business for very long. Instead, we recommend you to pick the highly customized cloud for backup and DR. It helps the customers optimize DR planning by various options such as workload type, vertical, application, geography, and compliance.

Right MSP

Go for an MSP who has set up an established foot in DR business, and has happy customers, healthy financial, and well-experienced with BaaS and DRaaS. Look for the one who partners with top cloud providers and backup/DR vendors. MSP’s who knows how to non-disruptively replicate infrastructure, applications, and data to the failover state in the cloud are the most elegant option for your business.

The chosen managed service provider must be flexible enough to meet your specific SLAs. It must not force you to pick only cloud partner or backup software provider that your MSP works with.

Right Software Vendor

The best choice for your partnership is usually your DR software provider. The MSP picked by you must be capable of suggesting the accurate backup associates who can toil diligently with the cloud provider, your business, alongside an MSP.

Opt for the software vendor who can quickly replicate to any cloud type. If you are signing any cloud provider to your multicloud portfolio and planning to utilize it as a DR target, your chosen software vendor must always make it simple to categorize the cloud as a target in the given interface.
Wrapping Up
Cost-effective DRaaS solution helps your business by safeguarding the computing environments at an event of outage or disaster. Therefore, find the right plan, although it consumes additional time and energy to save yourself from future challenges.