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David Bennett
David Bennett, President & CEO


“Axcient enables companies to have the complete IT resilience of the world’s largest enterprises – at a fraction of the cost.”

Axcient is a cloud platform made to protect not only data but an organization’s applications and IT infrastructure from downtime. A leading Recovery-as-a-Service solution, Axcient displaces legacy backup, disaster recovery, replication, deduplication, WAN optimization, and other legacy products with a single integrated cloud platform. With Axcient businesses can reduce the costs of deploying and managing disparate solutions and improve your productivity and company resiliency. Axcient solves complicated technology problems with powerfully simple solutions that help businesses run at their full potential.

Axcient enables companies to have the complete IT resilience of the world’s largest enterprises – at a fraction of the cost. By consolidating and converging the business continuity and disaster recovery workloads in the cloud, Axcient can save companies over 80% on IT costs and overhead compared to legacy on-premise infrastructure. Users also have full office virtualization in the Cloud with Axcient, ensuring when disaster strikes, you don’t lose any data. They can ensure business continuity by creating an on-demand mirror of the entire office in the Axcient. Built-in workflow automation and orchestration ensures you can failover their applications. Axcient also provides a predictable and 100% OpEx model to achieve industry-leading IT resilience – without hidden fees. And the disaster declarations and quarterly DR tests included with every service agreement ensure there are never any surprises.

When a total disaster arises, a remote location for your VMware environment is the only thing that will keep business operational. However, the cost of architecting, designing, and hosting a disaster recovery site for VMware environments is prohibitively costly. Add in server cost, licensing price, and management of the situation, and before we know it, companies are spending more budget and adding more staff. North American businesses operate in a time when the downtime’s cost is more than $700 billion yearly. MSPs are under constant pressure to safeguard their customers with the ability to recover from a disaster to support employee productivity rapidly.

This constant pressure needs MSPs to make specific IT environments are resilient. IT resilience encompasses workloads inclusive of disaster recovery, data protection, and long-term retention. Axcient Fusion offers MSPs to consolidate and converge infrastructure and workloads in a single cloud platform. MSPs understand the complexity and cost of building a Disaster Recovery site for customer VMware environments. Axcient’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) removes the hardware, hosting, software licensing, and maintenance cost associated with running a VMware disaster recovery site by offering an affordable, immediately available DRaaS in the Axcient Cloud.

Axcient has taken the management, complexity, and cost out of the user’s VMware business continuity and disaster recovery model. By transforming from a CapEx to an OpEx model, companies can focus their resources on managing client’s expectations, not the VMware DR environment. Axcient Fusion offers the Axcient Web Management Interface. This intuitive web management console is utilized to control and operationalize any VMware DRaaS environment. With other solutions, a dedicated full-time workforce is required to go through days of training, read programs, and know the system in and out. With Axcient, anyone on the team can quickly learn how to protect and recover a VMware environment. The Web Management Interface offers MSPs the ability to recover, manage the protection, and orchestration operations in one view. Besides, MSPs can set health status thresholds to give alerts when attention is needed.

When the client loses their local data center, their companies are at risk. The difference separating being out of operations for an hour and being down for days can be the distinction from in-business to completely out-of-business. Go from catastrophic infrastructure failure to full IT productivity in below 60 minutes with Axcient Fusion. In a disaster event, the MSP can log on to the Fusion Web Management Interface to create a virtual private cloud known as a Virtual Office. The Virtual Office is an on-demand duplicate in the Axcient Cloud of the protected on-premises environment. The Virtual Office makes sure security, privacy, and reliability for every organization requiring to run one or more failover virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud.