Magna5 DRaaS – Fast Data Recovery Avoids Downtime When Catastrophe Occurs

Zach Cameron
Zach Cameron, Backup & Disaster Recovery Services Manager


“Our proven and tested Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution enables organizations to bounce back quickly when disaster strikes.” – Zach Cameron, Magna5 Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Manager.

Assurance … that’s what organizations crave when it comes to protecting their mission-critical data and ensuring fast recovery in the event of a disaster. There’s a good reason. Ransomware attacks are growing 350% annually. The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. Roughly 40-60% of midsize businesses never reopen after a disaster. Even more eye-opening … 90% of businesses that experience a disaster and don’t resume operations in five days go out of business within the first year.

Being prepared for the unexpected

Magna5 – a nationwide provider of managed IT, cybersecurity, voice and connectivity solutions – offers a comprehensive Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution delivering managed data protection on-premises, in the cloud or anywhere organizational data lives. Too often, organizations take the reactive path of “waiting” for a power outage, cyberattack or natural disaster to occur, and then discover too late they can only partially recover their data. The revenue loss and productivity impact are immediate.

“We help prevent such a scenario from happening,” said Zach Cameron, Magna5 Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Manager. “Our team of experts proactively safeguard organizations’ critical data in a secure, cloud data center disconnected from the network.

In the event of a crippling data breach or disaster, we can restore specific virtual machines or an entire IT environment in minutes or hours, depending on predetermined Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives.”

Nothing is overlooked. Magna5 can store protected data in a customer’s data center, on Magna5’s cloud or in the public cloud with integrated deduplication and encryption support. The company supports all file systems, enterprise applications, workstations, virtual platforms and documents, and multiple deployment options can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Data backups can be stored locally on fully managed data protection appliances while also replicating the data offsite to Magna5’s secure and energy-efficient data centers. Offices with smaller data footprints can send data directly offsite from their systems.

Total data protection and recovery solution managed by experts

Safeguarding organizational data is a 24/7/365 job. Magna5 offers a fully managed, SOC 2-certified data backup and disaster recovery solution. Engineers working in Magna5’s U.S.-based Operations Center have years of experience in managing critical systems and data. Centralized monitoring with full visibility into an organization’s backup environment allows Magna5 to make certain backups are completed successfully to meet organizational recovery goals. “Our proven and tested Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution enables organizations to bounce back quickly when disaster strikes.”

Solving complex governance compliance issues

Magna5 delivers compliant-ready data governance so organizations can streamline their information collection and handling. Their processes allow contextualizing, rule application and implementing regulatory requirements to satisfy GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and more. Magna5 also drives accountability using real-time reports, audits, actionable forensics and history of sensitive information that needs protection.

Quick recovery is the name of the game

The stakes for protecting mission-critical data have never been higher. An unexpected fire, flood, or ransomware attack can easily bring a business to a standstill. Cameron gives an illustration. “Imagine a 24/7 steel manufacturer running at maximum output to meet demand while filling backlog orders. Suddenly a ransomware attack brings the company to a standstill. Downtime can cause significant loss of revenue and customer trust, affecting future contracts. Magna5’s managed DraaS with built-in redundancy and data back ensures rapid recovery across multiple branch locations.”

Customers rely on Magna5 across many industry segments, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial, energy and government entities. A culture of commitment and deep relationships provides customers with the assurance their data and network recovery are in good hands.