Cyber Resilience and Business Continuity Solutions

Bernardo Starosta
Bernardo Starosta, Founder & CEO

VM2020 Solutions

“VM2020 makes it easy for organizations to make good choices and improve cyber risk posture by practicing cyber defense and recovery with VM2020’s CyberVR and EZDR platforms.”

“Train like you fight, fight like you train” is a proven approach to delivering consistent results in practically every discipline. Practice makes perfect. VM2020 Solutions incorporates that mindset to cybersecurity, change management, and DevOps by offering a full-scale simulation sandbox of an organization’s data center that can be utilized for preparedness, triage, recovery, containment, and forensics. The simulation platform, known as CyberVR, is non-disruptive and amalgamates agile automation and workflows, assisting in aligning business continuity and cybersecurity functions.

Management and decision-makers gain confidence and peace of mind by gathering evidence that their organizations are prepared to respond to natural or human-made disasters. VM2020 makes it easy for organizations to make good choices and enhance cyber risk posture by practicing cyber defense and recovery with VM2020’s CyberVR and EZDR platforms.

CyberVR is a patent-pending realistic simulation platform that lets companies manipulate near-exact copies of their datacenter to accelerate the risk management cycle. More importantly, it helps them identify their cybersecurity powers and weaknesses and quickly recover operations should controls fail. Sandboxing abilities are used before, during, and after cyber events to research and decide on the best course of action without exacerbating the incident with extreme improvisation.

Digital transformation is accelerating change across industries and sectors at an unimaginable rate. Every day, new technological platforms and information technologies facilitate new opportunities for society. To take advantage of these improvements while minimizing threats, every business must be prepared to counter the danger of natural or human-made disasters affecting their data centers. When there is so much at stake, businesses must act fast, with coordination and precision. That is why practicing disaster recovery operations is important: to ensure readiness for a time when actual recovery is required.

With EZDR full-scale disaster automation, organizations can update and practice recovery strategies as many times as desired, and keep improving performance and reliability on an ongoing basis — all with minimal effort. EZDR is an automated Disaster Recovery orchestrator that is specially designed to take advantage of Hyperconverged systems. It delivers Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of complete systems in minutes. The tables and videos below describe key features and benefits the customers should consider when selecting a disaster recovery automation solution.

In an instance, the Bone & Joint Center—delivering medical care since 1963—the IT team has always been concerned about the integrity and safety of their patient’s data. They had been contemplating for solutions that would let them stimulate and test cyber vulnerability remediation, recover quickly from severe episodes, and preserve evidence required to collect cyber insurance. They partnered with HPE and VM2020 Solutions to combine HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure with VM2020’s Cyber VRTM advanced cyber resilience simulation platform. The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solution dramatically explained The Bone & Joint Center’s IT by consolidating infrastructure and superior data services for virtualized workloads into a singular, integrated solution. The combined technologies enabled the IT Team to create, instrument, and operate fully functional copies of production systems–sandboxes–in mere minutes, without the requirement for additional infrastructure. The combination of HPE SimpliVity and VM2020 CyberVRTM allowed The Bone & Joint Center to streamline their IT equipment, run all their required workloads, manage the environment via a single pane of glass, deliver evidence of protection and preparedness, and defend themselves against natural and man-made hazards, including cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important concerns for corporations today, and providing proof of cyber resilience to company executives and customers is important. With this integrated solution from HPE and VM2020–SimpliVity and CyberVRTM in tandem–the IT and Security companies can now identify and remediate vulnerabilities, implement patches, harden their environment, and design upgrades without fear of unintended results.